Produced according to our own traditional method, Robertini vermouth is processed with the utmost care in order to obtain a product with its own identity.

Nightini Cocktail
Elegance Cocktail
Vintage Cocktail
Sunday Morning
Sir Robert I
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Tips for preparing cocktails

Green anise syrup

2 quantities of sugar
1 quantity of water
20g of green anise
Boil for 10 minutes and stir continuously. Allow to cool before use.


Lemon foam with cardamom

2 gelatine sheets
750 ml of brewed cardamom
100ml of lemon juice
100ml of syrup
Soften the gelatine sheets in very cold water.
Mix them into the hot cardamom brew so that they dissolve. Add the lemon juice and syrup to the mixture and pour everything into the siphon for foam. 2 loads of gas will be enough to whip the foam. Best cooled in the fridge for 12 hours before use.




Paula Roque

Paula Roque possesses more than a decade of experience as a Bartender. She started her career in Brazil and Argentina before settling in Madrid, where she has worked in top class bars and hotels with other prestigious bartenders. Hers is a professional background which has adopted elements from different cultures and is crystallised by a very personal and traditional style, which includes in-depth study of raw materials and transforming them in order to create new experiences.

Her work currently focuses on research and consulting, developing menus and preparing signature cocktails, which have become one of her most important hallmarks.

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