Produced according to our own traditional method, Robertini vermouth is processed with the utmost care in order to obtain a product with its own identity.

Why Robertini?

vermouth When Roberto Fernández, Bodegas Fernández’s alma mater telephoned us to say “Good day” and told us that he wanted to distribute a solera vermouth named Robertini, our first thought was that he had gone mad.

Since we knew that Roberto did not like to play with his food, we sat down to reflect on the idea and after 5 minutes we knew that it was a brilliant idea.

Roberto is an entrepreneur with a captivating personality. He is a special man, a good friend, who puts his character into everything he does. If the vermouth was going to be named after him, it had to be a truthful reflection of his personality.

With this aim, the brainstorming process involved, just like in police films, reconstructing our client´s psychological profile: a strong-minded and resolute man, virile, with an honourable character and the spirit of a dreamer, a simple person yet with great social skills enabling him to empathize and handle himself in all environments.

But, what happened with the product? Well, fortunately we had a truly exceptional solera vermouth, produced using traditional methods and aged in casks for at least two years. We had new attributes for enriching the brand: quality, tradition and wisdom.

How could we connect all these concepts? The answer was football, one of Roberto´s great passions; he played in the third division in Asturias for many years. As with a good film script, the character came to life virtually spontaneously.

vermouth robertiniThat is how the legend of Robertini was born.

A wine brand is essentially expressed by its label. It is its most important hallmark and its connection with the consumer.

We had a very clear objective: the label’s design would express all these values, but it also had to create in our minds the image of a brand that would be with us for our whole lives, “Robertini was our grandfathers’ favourite brand”.

With such a clearly defined personality, the brand has been immediately accepted by the regular establishments where Bodegas Fernández operates. Roberto and Robertini share one message: a competitive, original, coherent and high quality product.

But perhaps the most significant and true success of this project has been its ability to connect directly with the end consumer. Robertini conveys emotions; it is a brand which communicates with the client.

Some 8,600 bottles of Robertini are currently sold per year and the future aims for Bodegas Fernández are to expand gradually in the national market and even through exports.

The brand has continued to evolve searching for even higher excellence. A new bottle concept was developed with a screen printed label, which gave it an even more original character compared with its competitors.

A new case has also been created to capitalise on the opportunity provided by the distribution channel in gourmet shops and shops selling Asturian products.

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